Type of Network Devices; Learn in details.

Network Devices

       Network devices are devices or units that are used to exchange data in a computer network. These are also called network equipment. Some of the key network tips are detailed below.


       The main purpose of the modem is to generate signals that can be sent from one computer to another easily and at low cost. Generally, we use analog phone modems, with the help of which the computer is connected to the phone line. Only analog signals can be sent over a telephone line, whereas a computer can only understand digital signals and generate digital signals. Therefore, to reconcile the two, a modem is required which converts analog signals to digital and digital signals to analog. Converting digital signals to analog is called modulation and converting analog signals to digital is called demodulation. The word Modem is made by joining Mo from Modulation and Dem from Demodulation.

Network Devices - Modems


       In all transmission media, signals get weakened after traveling some distance. so each Signals can travel only up to a certain distance in a medium. Therefore, when the distance between two computers is more, it becomes necessary to amplify the weak signals. The device that converts signals is called a repeater. There are generally two types of amplifiers (amplifiers and signal generation devices).

Network Devices - Repeater


       They only do the work of amplifying the signals. They convert the main signal as well as the unwanted signal (noise).

Signal Generation Device

       These repeaters have the ability to separate noise (unwanted signals) from the signal. These repeaters separate the noise from the signal, regenerate it in its original form, convert it and then transmit it again. Complex technology is used in these repeaters, they are also relatively muddled.


       A bridge is a device that connects networks using different transmission media. As the number of notes increases, the effective data transfer speed in a LAN decreases, which adversely affects its performance. The solution is to interconnect different LANs. By doing this, more nodes can also be added to the network and the geographical range of the network will also be expanded. For this purpose the bridge can be connected to the most suitable device. Bridge is a rapid device based on an inexpensive simple technology. Using a bridge increases the effective size of the network. Like repeaters, the bridge also works to send signals from one part to another and also regenerates the signals.

Network Devices - Bridge


       The router also works like a bridge to connect different networks, but the router works more efficiently than the bridge. The bridge routes the signals forward while the router refines them and forwards them. It receives data from all the networks connected to it and sends fire to them based on the destination address.

Network Devices - Router


       It is also a device to interconnect different networks like a bridge and a router. The technology of a gateway is more complex than that of a router. With its help, two completely different types of networks can be connected. This work is not possible through repeater bridge or router. In addition to providing a forward path to the data, the gateway also performs the necessary transformations before sending the data from one network to another. The communication protocols used in the two very different types of networks are also different. The gateway also performs the conversion of these protocols. Also, if the two networks have different addressing schemes, the gateway address

       Also does conversion work. Thus gateway is a more sophisticated device than router which provides many additional features. But it is comparatively more expensive and its installation, maintenance and operation is also relatively complicated.


       A wide area network consists of a number of computers whose purpose is to run the programs of the users has to be executed. These computers are called hosts. host a communication, They are connected to each other by a communication subnet.

       A computer can be called a friend only if it provides certain privileges that can be used by other computers or devices connected to the network. Generally, users communicate with the host through application software such as e-mail, messenger, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), etc.

RJ-45 Connector

       An RJ-45 (Registered Jack 45) connector is a physical connecting device that looks like a cable. It is used to interconnect various telecommunication and data equipment located at local or remote locations. It is a single line. is a binder in which has 8 pins. RJ-45 connectors are commonly used in networking blanketing and telephone applications.

Network Devices - Rj45

Ethernet Card

       It is also called Network Interface Card (NIC). Actually it is a LAN Adapter. To connect a computer to a LAN, it is inserted into a slot on the motherboard. By connecting the blanket to this card, the computer connects to the LAN.

Network Devices - NIC

       A network interface card creates the physical connection between computer networks. It also works to amplify the data power.


       Any device or device connected to LAN like computer meter plotter modem etc. is called NAND. Each node has a unique address (Unique Address). A node LAN Communicate from any note located.


       It is an important component of LAN which acts as a central point in LAN. All the nodes of the LAN are connected to the hub by cables. In the communication carried between any two nodes of a LAN, all data signals pass through the hub itself. Hubs are mainly of the following types.

Network Devices - Hub


       Dumb hub This hub only serves to send signals from one note to another.

Smart Hub

       It can perform network management functions in addition to broadcasting works too.

Intelligent Hub

       This hub not only has the capability of all types of network management, it can also connect more than one LAN and also provides more than one type of topology.


       This is a High Band Width Link so that many notes can be connected here. Through this, a lot of Tata can pass together, a wide (Campus Wide) network can be created by connecting different LANs located in an institute or large building through the backbone. All data traffic between two networks passes through the backbone.


       Like a switch, there is a computer network device that works to interconnect various notes (computers and other devices), but the working system of the switch is different from the normal working system where the data or information received from a source in the hub All the related devices are sent to the hub, while the data or information received from the source in the switch is sent only to the destination computer or destination device according to the destination address. The traffic of the network can also be controlled with the help of switches.

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